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Our collections are executable files that can be read and modified by our MacroGen program.


Six basic foundation garments. The waist-length bra also works well for formal wear (try combining with SuperSkirt!).

  • Bra with underwire
  • Bra without underwire
  • Waist-length bra
  • Corset
  • Bodysuit/1-piece swimsuit
  • Panties

Cup shape and panties leg shape are fully customizable by entering measurements.

How do I achieve a good fit?

Please note that the Lingerie Collection requires more measurements than the other PatternMaker collections. The additional measurements help to insure a proper fit no matter what your cup size or fabric choice.



How do I account for different fabrics?

The scaling factor allows you to resize the pattern in two directions to account for the elasticity of the selected fabric.