Brief History

PatternMaker began in 1992 in response to a need for a drama department to be able to design clothes and modify a design for various sizes. Since then, numerous features have been added.

PatternMaker in Books

As an established program in clothing design, PatternMaker has been included in several books, some of which we list here.

Make Your Own Clothes: 20 Custom Fit Patterns to Sew

From the Amazon.com description: Creating custom-fit garments has never been so easy. Learn how to lay out the pattern pieces, transfer markings onto fabric, and create classic and contemporary styles with confidence. Each project includes easy-to-follow instructions and step-by-step photography for key stages with handy technique reference numbers. All the patterns featured in the book are included in the accompanying PatternMaker CD. With this disk, simply enter your own measurements and the software generates a pattern made to fit your body. These can also be adjusted to ensure a perfect fit.

Best Ever Kids Costumes

From the Amazon.com description: Capture children’s imaginations with this charming collection of costumes! Ranging from a sword-wielding pirate and a snow queen to a hip-hop Easter bunny and an “out of this world” astronaut, they’re perfect for afternoon dress-ups, playacting, and holiday fun. The projects range in difficulty from beginner to expert, are divided by theme (so it’s easy to find the perfect outfit for every child), and feature simple instructions and step-by-step photos of the key techniques. Best of all, an accompanying PatternMaker CD (which runs on Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP) combines easy-to-use pattern-drafting software with ready-made computerized pattern collections. Just tell the “pattern wizard” which costume you want and the computer draws it for you — in the perfect size and fit!

Custom Pattern Making with PatternMaker Software

From the Amazon.com description: This manual provides step-by-step to get you up and running with plenty of ideas and practical advice.