All PatternMaker programs are native Windows programs. They can be run on a Mac computer using special programs

If you are using PatternMaker that came with the book Make Your Own Clothes, please see special note at bottom of this page.

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PatternMaker 7.5 (main program)

Registration required unless used only as a viewer
This is good for the following versions
  1. Basic Viewer
  2. Deluxe Editor
  3. Home Studio
  4. Grading Studio
  5. Marker Studio


Registration required to export to PatternMaker


Registration required

PatternMaker Collections

Purchase and registration required for all collections

Play on Mac versions

Purchase and registration required for all collections

Make Your Own Clothes

The book Make Your Own Clothescame with the PatternMaker program and a collection called Make Your Own Clothes. The program and collection from the book are an earlier version of PatterMaker. If you want to use any downloads from the website, you will need to update both the program and the collection. To get the updated version of the program (which will work with the collections from this website), download from the link.
Click to download the updated PatternMaker program