Understanding Program Relationships

PatternMaker is the primary program and is used to create patterns. Once patterns are created they can be exported into digital files that can be shared like any file on the Internet. There are different levels — versions — of PatternMaker.

MacroGen is the program that creates the exported files. The exported files are called macros. The macros have the ability to accept different measurements so the pattern can be adjusted to fit. Macros are executed by PatternMaker. (Many computer programs have macros that exist in a digital, sharable format. For example, Microsoft Word and Excel have the ability to export macros for sharing.) So, to run a macro you need the PatternMaker program.

Collection Creator combines many different patterns that are in macro form into a collection. A collection might be a group of summer dresses.

Project Editor — FREE — Project is for making non-fitted macro patterns. For example: create a collection of hats, small, medium, and large in PatternMaker professional then convert to a macro with Project Eeditor

Code Editor — FREE — Code Editor is an advanced utility for MacroGen that allows you to create custom measure and point types.

PatternMaker Versions

All the PatternMaker versions listed below come from the same PatternMaker program. The different versions reflect different features depending on the license. After downloading, go to the version you want and click Buy. For free versions, the Buy button will not incur a charge and credit card is not required.

MacroGen is a separate program and is NOT a version of PatternMaker.