Grading Studio

Create a grading table by adding arrows to key points on your pattern pieces. The arrow indicates how that point changes from one size to the next. Put arrows on as many or as few points as you need. Then, with three clicks of the mouse, PatternMaker creates the entire nest of graded sizes. It takes just seconds—now you can be your own grading service!


The PatternMaker Grading Studio includes all of the features of the PatternMaker Professional Studio and adds:

  • Grading
  • Digitizer Support
  • Symbol Libraries


After you create a grading table, you can export it to a file and apply it to any other pattern.
Grading tables also allow cut ratio settings for use in conjunction with the PatternMaker Marker Studio. If you want your markers to contain, for example, two Large sized bundles for every three Medium sized bundles, set the cut ratio for Large to 2 and the ratio for Medium to 3.

Digitizer Support

A digitizing tablet is a tablet-like device with its own mouse. You can put a paper pattern on the digitizing tablet and draw it into the computer by moving the mouse over the pattern. Unlike a desktop mouse, a digitizing tablet returns the mouse’s actual measured position so you can trace accurately. Common digitizers range from notebook size to tabletop size.

Use a digitizing tablet to “trace” paper patterns into the computer. Import your slopers to the computer—a whole drawer of tagboard slopers will easily fit on even the smallest thumb drive. Trace small-scale patterns from books or magazines, then use the “Scale” command to make them full-size.

Symbol Libraries

A symbol is any shape or text you want to insert in your patterns without having to redraw it. Symbols are then saved in libraries
One library of basic sewing symbols is included with PatternMaker, and with PatternMaker Grading Studio you can make your own symbols to supplement that basic library. You are not limited to sewing symbols—anything that you can draw can be saved as a symbol. Possibilities: notch marks, punch marks, company logos, copyright notices, standard collars and cuffs, and more.