Professional Studio

PatternMaker Professional Studio is a full CAD (computer-aided design) tool for the experienced hobby sewer, student, or professional pattern maker.

It includes tools specifically for pattern drafting, so that you can draft anything you would draft on paper—only faster! Use the editing tools to make changes to the pre-designed garments created by the add-in patterns, or draft your own pattern completely from scratch. It comes with one garment collection, Women’s Vol. 1, and others are available separately.


  • Draw pattern pieces (polygons) from scratch, including curved segments
  • Draw circles and rectangles
  • Add points with the mouse or by typing X-Y coordinates
  • Measure around curves
  • Add text (labels) to pieces
  • Add pattern markings like dots, notches, and button lines
  • Special tools for adding pattern features like facings, pleats, and darts
  • Trace around a .bmp image in the background (eg. a scanned pattern piece)
  • Open and save .dxf files (read more info)
  • Insert common sewing symbols from the included symbol library
  • Customize the icon bar and change the Hot Key assignments
  • Interface with MacroGen to automate drafting your patterns