Basic Viewer

The PatternMaker Pattern Viewer is a free, lightweight utility specifically for printing the add-in patterns.

The PatternMaker Pattern Viewer includes three custom-fit patterns at no charge:

  • women’s pants
  • fitting bodice
  • set of interchangeable collars that can be added to the bodice or other patterns.

You can continue to use these patterns for as long as you wish, for free! There are no other patterns included with the PatternMaker Pattern Viewer, but you can make other garments by purchasing the add-in garment collections.


  • Run pattern macros
  • Choose style options (options vary – see pattern description for details)
  • Type in custom measurements, or choose a standardized size (options vary – see pattern description for details)
  • Set inches or metric measurements
  • Arrange pieces for printing
  • Print to any Windows device

The PatternMaker Pattern Viewer will print your pattern full-size on any Windows-compatible printer or plotter, with alignment marks to help assemble multi-page printouts.