Women: Volume 2 Collection

These garments are less-fitted than our Women’s collection Volume 1. Features include: bust darts, dropped sleeve options, and numerous neckline depth and width options.

  • Classic vest in two silhouettes (princess line or bust dart); jewel- or V-neck; neckline width and depth options.
  • Dress in three silhouettes (princess, A-line, or straight), with neckline, sleeve and sleeve length options.
  • Tailored jacket in three silhouettes (princess, A-line, or straight), with lapel, sleeve, and pocket options.
  • Pullover T-shirt with neckline and pocket options.
  • Pants in two styles (trousers with darts or jeans); waistline and pocket options.
  • Skirts in three styles (8-gore, pleated, or straight); set-in or elastic waistband.
  • Women’s fitting shell, with either princess lines or bust darts.

Dresses, jackets, shirts, pants and skirts can all be customized with any length from waist.