How do I know the macros I purchase will fit me?

The macros have been tested on hundreds of subjects and fit most people. The fitting method is based on a system that has been used in Scandinavia for decades. In addition, our designer is also a sewing instructor and has tested the instructions to make sure they are easy to use. We like this measuring system because it’s somewhat forgiving, to where a little error won’t ruin your whole pattern. However, if accuracy is something you’re really concerned then you might want to make a fitting muslin first, to check your measurements. If you have a special fitting problem, such as uneven shoulders, our CAD features give you the tools to alter the pattern wherever necessary.

What are these patterns you are selling?

Most of the designs and macros are by designer Leena Lähteenmäki. They are designed to work either as complete patterns ready to sew, or as a starting point for you to add your own styling. In this way, they’re like custom-fit slopers. Except for the Renaissance Corset and the Dog Suit, these patterns are all based on the Scandinavian fitting system.

Why did you choose the Scandinavian fitting system for the standard?

One of the greatest advantages of the Scandinavian fitting system is, unlike other systems, almost anyone can take their measurements and produce good results. Other systems either require an excessive number of measurements or hiring an expert measurer to get them just right. While others or are designed so that just a small discrepancy will ruin the shape of the whole pattern. But if you are a designer and want to make macros based on another fitting system, it can be done easily with MacroGen.