What is the difference between Digitizing and CAD Digitizing?

The difference between the two, other than how you go about doing it, mostly has to do with precision.

“Digitizing” is the act of bringing something into a computer, be it a drawing or something else. One way to digitize a drawing is with a “digitizing tablet” in Mouse Mode. You install the tablet onto your computer and then your computer takes input from it much the same way as a mouse does. But just like inputting things from a mouse, your computer has no frame of reference as to the scale of things. So it uses whatever scale the drawing is in. You can still use your digitizing tablet to trace the pattern, but it will most likely not be perfect and you will have to Scale or Re-size it.

CAD Digitizing on the other hand is VERY precise. You install your tablet, select Digitizer Mode, then configure it in whatever software you are using. You will need to set a scale and the proper buttons. But from then on, a 12″ line on a tablet is a 12″ line.

CAD Digitizing is supported by PatternMaker Grading Studio and higher.

How can I use CAD digitizing?

In order to do CAD digitizing you will need the PatternMaker Grading Studio or PatternMaker Marker Studio. An alternative is to use a scanner to scan a line drawing, convert it to a CAD format and then import the file into PatternMaker Professional Studio. See Forum.

What Digitizing Tablet works with your software?

Most of our customers prefer a CalComp or GTCO tablets. But, we have found you can use almost any tablet that has a Wintab compliant driver and the software will work. The driver i