Can I print patterns?

PatternMaker prints to any Windows printing device just like any other Windows program. If you have a large plotter, PatternMaker can print an entire pattern on one large sheet of paper.

If you’re using a desktop printer with letter-size paper, PatternMaker divides the pattern into a grid of pages, labeling each one for location and adding registration (alignment) marks in the corners.

What printers work with PatternMaker?

PatternMaker prints to any Windows printing device. To print full-size patterns for cutting, you must either print large pages or piece multi-page patterns togther. Suggestions:

Use continuous-feed paper if available.

Low resolution printing is more efficient. 75 dpi (dots per inch) is sufficient for most purposes, and much faster for your printer to process.

Inkjet and poster printers are slow and relatively costly for this work.

Modern laser printers will be faster and less expensive than Inkjet printers

Because patterns are mostly white space, old printers (dot-matrix, laserjet, black-and-white) can make good printers. Windows drivers are typically available.