System Requirements

What are System Requirements?

PatternMaker requires any computer running Windows 98 or later. Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 have all been tested. The basic installation of the PatternMaker engine requires approximately 25MB of disc space; add-in garment collections require about 3-5MB each. In Windows Vista, PatternMaker must be installed in an administrator’s user account. In addition, on some Vista systems it is necessary to run PatternMaker in “XP Compatibility Mode.” Currently, PatternMaker is not available in Web or mobile device app versions.

Will PatternMaker run on a Mac?

PatternMaker does not have a native OSX version. Here are a few options to run the Windows program on your Mac:
1. Dual-boot or virtual machine: Some of our customers use PatternMaker on a Mac with BootCamp or with a Windows emulator such as Virtual PC or Parallels. The program reportedly runs fine, although it may be sluggish on computers more than five years old. Both of these options require installation of a copy of Windows.

Is Internet access required?

You need to go online to unlock the PatternMaker program, one time only, when you purchase it. You do not need Internet access to run it after that.

Do I need to register the program?

To gain full access to all the features during the trial and after purchase, the softare must be registeredThere is no cost to register for the 30 day trial. We strongly encourage you to register the software to have full access to all the great features.